Select works by Sam Pocker:

“Retail Anarchy: A Radical Shopper’s Adventures in Consumption” (2009)
“Boreism” (2010)
“Where Do Incorrect Ideas Come From?” (2020)
“Sam Pocker’s #1 Best Adult Coloring Book Near Me” (2020)

“Your Mileage May Vary” (2009)

“YMMV Radio” (2004-2009)

Music Videos
“Lavatory Record Release Party” (2018)
“Weekends With You” (2017)
“Eye Contact” (2018)
“Universal Heartbeat” (2018)
“Text Me Back” (2019)

Live Performance
“YMMV Radio: Live On Stage” (2006)
“How To Be a Rock Star” (2019)

Art Exhibitions
“Unpop” New York City (2010)
“Sam Pocker Loves You” Los Angeles (2019)


Sam Pocker & The Pretty Colors
“Weekends With You” (feat. Kay Hanley, Michael Eisenstein, Tom Polce)
“Eye Contact” (feat. Kay Hanley, Michael Eisenstein, Tom Polce)

Sam Pocker & The Agoura Hills PTA
“Melrose Meltdown”
“Pretty Perfect”

The Pregnant Vegans
“The Pregnant Vegans” (produced by Paul Kostabi & Geza X)

The Sam Pocker Ensemble
“Postmodern Opera”

Sam Pocker
“Sam Pocker Sings Juliana Hatfield”
“Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain” (acoustic cover of the entire album by Pavement)
“Pocker’s Rockers : Sam Pocker’s Greatest Hits”
“Super Hits”
“get dark”