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It's Load Removal Tuesday On the Craigslist App

As you probably know by now Craigslist has finally released an official app.

Craigslist is a site I've returned to over and over again to get a sense of the community when I move somewhere new. It's a passable substitution for the communal knowledge you would ordinarily get from walking down any street in New York. I know at least one married couple who met on Craigslist. I've bought and sold lots of things, learned about events, and met lots of random people in the course of trade.

A while back someone I know told me they were actively hiring prostitutes off of Craigslist on a regular basis. This led to an operatic piece I composed titled "Missed Connections" which was the category they had been hiring prostitutes from.

The entire libretto is actual posts from the site. 
The new app has one unique feature that the site does not offer, and that's to filter results geographically in a very specific radius to your location. This is a beneficial feature for me when …
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My 2019 in Spotify

Like many of you, I got this in my inbox today.
It's a staggering number that I can't really comprehend. I was trying to think of anything else I might have done 8000+ times this year. According to Google I most likely went to the bathroom around 3000 times. Maybe I said "I feel like shit" to myself 8000+ times but I doubt it. I've never seen a number like this presented to me before. If I didn't feel like such shit at the moment I would probably be more surprised by it.

I've gotten used to the "your top songs of xxxx" formula, so the results weren't much of a surprise. Whatever record becomes my summer record usually is at the top of the list (this year it was my re-discovery of Wilco's "Summerteeth" after attending a Jeff Tweedy show at Largo). Ariana was also no surprise as it was what I thought would have been my most listened to record. I haven't shut up about it since it's release, but I kind of feel like "T…

Spice World

I was sitting at my desk this morning with a strange urge to listen to the Spice Girls "Spice World" album.

It's been a couple of years at least since I listened to it. I pressed play and within seconds I was instantly transported back to London near the end of 1997.

Not sure if I've ever written about this before but my 21st birthday present from my parents was a plane ticket to London. They thought I wanted to see museums or something but I really went so I could see the "Spice World" film in a cinema months before it would be released in the US. It's strange even now to say that I saw the film both in London and New York in a cinema.

I was watching some YouTube videos of London in 1997. I have no photographs from the trip. The only remnant of the trip that I still own is a strange piece of luggage from EuroDisney. I have some vague memories.. visiting a large SEGA arcade in the Trocadero building, calling a friend from a payphone, shopping for VCD di…

Cyber Monday 2019

Here, put this on first..

This morning my horoscope said "It's been twelve years since Jupiter has visited your sign, so there is plenty to look forward to."

I had to google what 12 years ago was, and I found myself to be incredibly lucky. It's the first time really that I have a perfect document of a year in my life. The digital camera I had was clear and working well, the archives of the thousands of photos I took that year were well preserved. I wanted to see what the patterns were in my life at that point which might repeat.

First I looked at newspaper headlines and the Billboard charts but I was so disconnected from both of those things at the time that they held little relevance. What I did see immediately is what a year of upheaval it was in my life. My grandparents were both in nursing homes for the first time. I saw AC/DC, Oasis, and R.E.M. for what seems to be the last time I'll ever seen any of them. I went to Shea Stadium and Yankee Stadium for the la…

Lucky Days and Yucky Days

All of the things I thought were important were not important.

All of the things I knew were not important were not important.

As much as I knew everything had to end someday, and as much as I cherished each moment for what it was, I never appreciated that I wouldn't ever have those moments again.

Not much has changed.

So This Happened...

...and as I was standing there I was thinking about the fact that my first guitar lesson (in 1998) was to learn "Never Said". That one of the first things I wrote in my first book was the chapter about her. That the conversation I had with Ellen about one of her concerts we went to was what started me on writing opera. That the thing that made songwriting school so productive for me was my attempt to decipher and respond to "Exile". That the first artist I ever saw perform in Los Angeles (In 2003) was her opening for the Flaming Lips. There's probably a lot more. It's funny how when you like an artist's work so much over such a long period of time that their work somehow becomes woven into the fabric of your own life by no conscious effort, and obviously without any intention on the artist's behalf.

My younger self probably wouldn't have known how to process any of this at all. I sat in the last row as she started playing "Never Said"…

I Made A New Music Video

Of all the songs I've ever written or recorded, this is the only one that I constantly listen to over and over. When I put it out it just got some shrugs and a couple of minimal compliments. I wanted to make some kind of music video for it and sure enough now people seem to get it.

4 likes and a comment in under ten minutes. Not bad.

I recorded the whole thing myself and shot the video (if you can even call it that) by accident yesterday.

Pleased as punch.