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Lucky Days and Yucky Days

All of the things I thought were important were not important.

All of the things I knew were not important were not important.

As much as I knew everything had to end someday, and as much as I cherished each moment for what it was, I never appreciated that I wouldn't ever have those moments again.

Not much has changed.

So This Happened...

...and as I was standing there I was thinking about the fact that my first guitar lesson (in 1998) was to learn "Never Said". That one of the first things I wrote in my first book was the chapter about her. That the conversation I had with Ellen about one of her concerts we went to was what started me on writing opera. That the thing that made songwriting school so productive for me was my attempt to decipher and respond to "Exile". That the first artist I ever saw perform in Los Angeles (In 2003) was her opening for the Flaming Lips. There's probably a lot more. It's funny how when you like an artist's work so much over such a long period of time that their work somehow becomes woven into the fabric of your own life by no conscious effort, and obviously without any intention on the artist's behalf.

My younger self probably wouldn't have known how to process any of this at all. I sat in the last row as she started playing "Never Said"…