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I Made A New Music Video

Of all the songs I've ever written or recorded, this is the only one that I constantly listen to over and over. When I put it out it just got some shrugs and a couple of minimal compliments. I wanted to make some kind of music video for it and sure enough now people seem to get it.

4 likes and a comment in under ten minutes. Not bad.

I recorded the whole thing myself and shot the video (if you can even call it that) by accident yesterday.

Pleased as punch.

The Interview No One Asked Me For

I stumbled upon a clickbait article titled "Random Questions to Ask A Guy" and it reminded me of those magazine interviews they used to do with bands in the 90's that I'd have my own imaginary answers ready for just in case I ever got interviewed. Being that no one is asking me for interviews and I'm too old to appear in those magazines that no longer exist I thought I might go ahead and use the questions as the basis for this imaginary 90's rock magazine interview:

What was the last thing you created? 

I wrote an Instagram post earlier about my frustrations with my overly shy audience not engaging enough with the content they were consuming. Technically I guess that was the last thing I created. Last week I wrote a song but I can't even remember the title right now.

Who is a better cook your mother or grandmother? 

My grandmother was a marginally better cook. Neither one was/is particularly skilled in the kitchen.

What book do you wish would be turned into …

I Remixed A Ben Folds Album

I was (and still am) obsessed with the first Ben Folds Five album. For a couple of years I drove around listening to it constantly until one day I was lucky enough to end up working on a package tour that Ben Folds Five appeared on for a couple of weeks. We stayed in all the same Howard Johnsons, picked at the same craft services, and most importantly I got to sit in the wings at eye level to Ben and watch the show each day.

At the time I had a Minidisc recorder and Ben let me record the shows, I would give him a copy, and we would discuss them the next day. When the tour got to New York I borrowed my mom's camcorder and made a video from my point of view because it was a unique thing that I knew probably wouldn't happen again.

Which brings us to the other day when on a strange weekend I ended up finding that video in a pile of home movies. I was looking for something else entirely. As I was digging through my bookshelves this strange CD I had no memory of appeared...

I'd …