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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I know there are supposedly real dates that correspond to the seasons but generally June 1st - August 31st is just what I call summer. Since I'm not bound by any of the constrictions other people might have like school, summer Fridays, wedding season, spending the time with my family at a lake (which is one of the strangest things normies do IMO), or anything else, I just go with June through August because back in New York those were the warmish months with sun.

While my summer was full of the usual existential dread and misery, there were a bunch of high points (I think). I have no clue what I did this summer, so let's go back and look at the photos and see.

June 2nd -

Matt was here visiting and he took me to Dan Tana's (and then checked it off the list)

June 3rd - The banner went up on the marquee for my first full length show (which ate up most of June I think)

June 6th - Went to see Scott Kannberg play at the Bootleg Theater. My first time at the venue and my first time seeing Scott since his birthday show in San Francisco a couple years ago.

June 18th - In a fit of insanity I accidentally discovered the Hot Wings Cafe which lead to a long adventure throughout LA's restaurants which culminated with my being diagnosed with high blood pressure.

June 19th - I went to see the space shuttle at the science museum.

June 22nd - Having pulled the plug on my show early for my own sanity I took a drive down to San Diego to see Paul McCartney

June 24th - I visit a restaurant called The Hat for the first time and fall madly in love with it.

June 25th - I am reminded of the fact that my mustard allergy is very real. (no photo)

June 27th - I spend an afternoon at an incredible museum exhibit about The Pointer Sisters.

June 30th - I see an ABBA cover band at the Hollywood Bowl and watch someone eat an entire Costco apple pie during the show.

July 2nd - I go on a date for the first time in five years. I do not wear this outfit.

July 3rd - I record a new song (which is my favorite song that I've recorded so far). 

July 4th - I see Nile Rogers at the Hollywood Bowl for the third time in a week.

July 5th - I see whatsherface Gary's friend play in a townie bar in Burbank. There's an earthquake in the middle of the show. The bartender gives us all Jell-O shots.

July 6th - I accidentally end up at a Guatemalan bakery for breakfast and then see Chrissie Hynde at the Hollywood Bowl. I sit behind a couple with asymmetrical haircuts. 

July 7th - I design my first pair of sneakers using Paul's art and then attend the 626 night market, the largest Asian food night market in the United States.

July 8th - Austin and I get drunk and talk shit at some restaurant in West Hollywood. The waiter tells us his dad was a member of the Wrecking Crew.

July 9th - I go to Vegas, visit the tigers, see Gwen Stefani for the second time, hang out with friends.

July 11th - The song I recorded on July 3rd is released. 

July 12th - I see something at the Hollywood Bowl, I have no idea what it was.

July 13th - I see GUARDS play in a basement in Orange County. A homeless man takes a shit on the sidewalk next to my car as I'm leaving.

July 14th - I see Kristin Chenoweth walk on stage at the Hollywood Bowl clutching a Slurpee.

July 15th - I am diagnosed with high blood pressure.

July 16th - In yet another failed attempt at vlogging I visit an instagrammable art installation at the LaBrea Tar Pits.

July 18th - Chuck and I begin filming a yet unfinished vlog in which we visit every museum in downtown L.A.

July 19th - I go to see Dean Wareham play downtown but I'm in a foul mood and leave after a few songs. I never find my friend Jen who had driven there from San Diego to see the show.

July 20th - I attempt to make oatmeal for the first time in my life in order to lower my sodium intake.

July 23rd - My landlord informs me he's selling the building, The People Walker kind of sort of goes out of business, I deliver an organic personal sized watermelon to my friend Jessica by bicycle.

July 24th - This meme appears. I spend most of the day in bed.

July 25th - I see an early screening of "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" and I'm handed this program as I leave. I sell it on eBay for $100.

July 26th - I come home to discover my neighbor has left her stove on and the entire building smells like gas. I call the gas company and we eventually manage to get into her apartment and shut it off.

July 28th - I go to see Sutton Foster and Cheyenne Jackson in "Into The Woods" but leave before the end of act one because it's too overwhelming and making me too upset.

July 29th - I impulsively buy a trip to New York to see the Rolling Stones (and all my friends) that I can't afford and put it on my credit card (something I never do). 

July 31st - I see a lot of friends.

August 1st - I see lots and lots more friends, have a super fancy lunch with Kristi at her new job, and then see my first Stones show of the summer.

August 2nd - Spent the day with Emily and then went up to walk around the Upper East Side for a while..

August 3rd - My dad calls me in the middle of the night to say my mom has had an emergency and is possibly on her death bed. I drop everything and head to Florida.

August 6th - Sitting in my bed in Florida, completely out of my mind, I compose a freeform jazz song. (no photo)

August 7th - Back in L.A. I get home from an otherwise nice day of exploring some suburb to discover that Dave Berman has died.

August 8th - I print my first ever sheet music for the freeform jazz song I wrote two days before. Emily says it feels like it's her "own personal theme song". Maybe it is. 

August 9th - I am very sick from the stress of the last few days but Austin asks if I want to go to Amoeba Music and Target. I agree and post my sheet music on the bulletin board at the store.

August 11th - I am supposed to play a show in a few days and it has completely fallen apart. In a weird stress freakout I dye my hair for the first time. That evening Megan, Chris, and I go to the Hollywood Bowl to see Car Seat Headrest. 

August 12th - I draw a flyer for the upcoming show in an attempt to try and get myself excited about it, I finally get my Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain source art framed, and then I drive Don to his radio show and hang out for a while at the station.

August 13th - Late at night while drinking a beer at my desk I discover one of Jessica's flyers in the new HAIM video.

August 14th - Twothy and I fly to Seattle, ride a bicycle up a mountain, hang out with Jini at a bar, and then go see the Stones.

August 16th - Annitsa and I go see "Jurassic Park" at the Hollywood Bowl with the LA Philharmonic playing the score of the film live on stage. We have sandwiches and snacks, and apart from the part where Annitsa got her hand stuck in a folding chair it was probably as close to the most perfect evening as I've ever had in L.A. 

August 17th - I got catfished by an Eater video and went to get a pizza made in the back of a pickup truck parked in front of a liquor store in Silverlake. It tasted like a pizza made in the back of a pickup truck.

August 18th - I take stock of my to-do list that I'd sort of abandoned out of depression.

August 19th - Having barely made $2000 so far this month I go for broke. "Hey Chuck, want to get lunch? I'm buying." and we go to the Chateau Marmont.

August 20th - After leaving his phone in the Lyft on the way to Chateau Marmont the day before, I drive Chuck to the Lyft office an hour away to retrieve it. He buys me lunch at a different location of The Hat.

August 21st - With minimal thought and effort I play the show alone. Chuck shows up with his friend Steve, Jessica goes to the show too. I drive all four of us back afterward and I am briefly having a normal life doing normal things with other people. It is extremely comfortable and feels weird that everything is so normal and is working out so normally with so little effort.

August 22nd - Megan and I tailgate at the Rose Bowl.

August 25th - I begin the task I'd been putting off for a decade of sorting through my ticket stubs. That night I see Booker T. at the Hollywood Bowl but start to feel fatigued afterward.

August 26th until end of summer - I woke up really sick and have sat at home for over a week. 

.. and if you asked me what I did this summer I'd probably say "nothing" or "not much" because that's always how it feels. 

This was my report about what I did on my summer vacation. Thank you. (light applause) (walks back to desk in back of classroom) (puts head down on desk)


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