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I Spent A Million Dollars On Concert Tickets, Maybe More...

My friend texted me today to tell me she was suffering from "post-vacation depression". She'd been on her first trip with her new boyfriend and apparently it went so well that settling back into her normal life has been a complete let down. I immediately have flashbacks of the scenes in Almodovar's "Broken Embraces" where they are hiding out in the motel.

I started to think about how I've kind of been suffering "post-vacation depression" for most of my life. Out of boredom I started attacking the big box of unsorted ticket stubs the other day and it's forced me to look back in a way that I always avoid because it's quite uncomfortable.

My ticket stubs from 1992-2000 are carefully bound in a notebook, but then after that I began dating my ex-wife and they just turned into stacks of ticket stubs bound with a rubber band. Those stacks turned into ziploc bags, the ziploc bags into a box, that box into a larger box, and so on.
None of these…

I Went To School To Talk About My Feelings

I still feel cold when I look at this building. I feel bone chilling cold, heartbreaking sadness, and a strange twinge of unbridled optimism. I remember countless nights of walking around that lawn singing along with my headphones as loud as possible, not another human being in sight. I remember standing at the top of the hill and hearing James Taylor playing at an amphitheater down the street.  I remember hearing the Bruce Springsteen "Unplugged" CD for the first time while washing dishes. On the top floor I remember hearing Matthew Sweet's "Altered Beast" for the first time. I remember listening to "Zooropa" on cassette. I remember having a Warhol "Elvis" silkscreen stuck to the wall above my bed with fun-tak.

I remember people. I remember things they said.

I remember spending Christmas in the lobby with a Christmas tree and other people.

I remember watching Bill Clinton get inaugurated on one of those awful Sony projection TV sets where t…

Stimulating The Economy

You know how it is. When the going gets tough, the tough play a freeform jazz exploration for a festival crowd. Listen to it here: