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10 Hotels I Would Like To Have Sex In

I woke up to this horoscope :

Monday 22, July The Sun moves into Leo today, lighting up your house of sex and intimacy for the next month. Explore your desires without holding back, Capricorn. People think of you as one of the more conservative signs, but that's because they haven't experienced your full, unbridled self - let that part of you shine for the next month.
I didn't feel like it was remotely accurate. I'm currently struggling with everything internally after being diagnosed with high blood pressure last week. Food has been the only thing that consistently made me happy the last few years and I've had to drastically change my diet overnight. Additionally I'm still basically living in isolation. I made more of an effort lately to invite people to do things with mixed results. An informal poll on instagram revealed that out of 70 people, only five would date me, and most of those were men (I'm straight). My days have been a mix of depression napping, …

My Dream of Forming a Punk Rock Amy Grant Cover Band May Be A Reality Soon

Those of you who have known me for a long time know what high regard I keep Amy Grant in as a songwriter. I understand the irony of this on every level, but she has written a ton of great pop songs. Ever since the 90's I've wanted to do punk rock covers of some of her non-secular crossover tracks. I'd forgotten all about this idea until the other day when I sort of needed to form a band to play a party and wasn't in love with any of the ideas I was having. I looked over at my bookshelf and saw the "Heart In Motion" songbook and remembered this idea.

I've recorded this cover of "Baby Baby" as a proof of concept to see if the idea could work, and I'm reasonably certain it can. I've discovered I'm fairly uncomfortable singing a lot of the lyrics, and I'm sure that comes across somehow. In other words that's right where I should be, doing something different that makes me a little uncomfortable.

I don't want to ruin anything…

How The Hot Wings Cafe Changed The Way I Saw Los Angeles

I was sitting in a theater down the street from my house watching the most unbearably awful one-person show I've ever seen. The person on stage was making eye contact with each audience member. I wanted to die.

After I walked out of the theater I wanted to run down the street screaming. I'm not a big drinker but I needed alcohol, any kind of alcohol, immediately.

A brief search of yelp for a restaurant that had alcohol and was open sent me to the Hot Wings Cafe on Melrose Avenue.

It's a fairly nondescript location that I'd passed by countless times and barely noticed. I took an Uber to the restaurant, sat down, and within five minutes was looking at this very average tray of chicken wings.

What quickly became remarkable was how average and normal everything was. The interior, the customers, the staff, the food, the prices. I completely forgot I was in Hollywood and it was strangely comforting. I could have been right back in New York for all I knew. I took an Uber home…

New Song "Text Me Back"

I was at a bar with Austin (the drummer from The Agoura Hills PTA) and he was waiting for a boy he liked to text him back. At the time I was waiting for a girl I liked to text me back as well but I didn't tell him that. Eventually we both got our texts. Eventually they both had the same outcomes. I think it's a fairly universal feeling when you like someone and they take hours (or days) to respond to your texts. You can't tell if they're intentionally waiting a long time to reply because they don't want to seem too eager or if they're just not into you. Anyway the song is here.