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Things I've Done In The Last Year

  1. Time once again to remind myself of everything I’ve done in the last 365 days.
  2. Hiked Runyon Canyon with Austin
  3. Went to the Kentucky Derby
  4. Saw David Byrne at the Ryman
  5. Went sightseeing with Alex in NYC
  6. Visited my grandparents graves for the first time since they died
  7. Went to the Scarsdale Pastry Center
  8. Had lunch with Chris
  9. Saw the Mary Jane Girls at the NOVO
  10. Drove around Whittier with Paul
  11. Saw U2 at the Forum twice
  12. Wrote article about U2 at the Forum and got paid for it
  13. Went to that Ghiardelli Chocolate Ice Cream Fountain thing
  14. Saw Taylor Swift at the Rose Bowl with Kim
  15. Went to American Idol taping with Michele
  16. Saw Billy Joel at MSG with Brian
  17. Had lunch with Ellen, Ellen got job right after lunch (second time this has happened)
  18. Wo Hop with Emily
  19. Went to Phillipe’s with Austin
  20. Saw George Clinton at the Greek
  21. Walked out of Liz Phair at Hollywood Forever
  22. Went with Paul and Webbitown to get a burger from FLIPPY
  23. Went to Mt Baldy Lodge with Paul
  24. Got new Bumble photos taken by Justine
  25. Went to Disneyland almost every month with discount pass
  26. Went to Wah’s Golden Hen
  27. Saw Yo La Tengo at Teragram
  28. Saw 2001 at the Cinerama Dome
  29. Played whatever that club is called in NoHo with Austin and Charlsey
  30. Bought ZIMA
  31. FInally saw KT Tunstall open for Barenaked Ladies at the Greek
  32. Drove to Mexico, went to Tacos El Frank
  33. Went to that Rob Zombie store with Austin
  34. Made the Pregnant Vegans t-shirts
  35. Saw Rod Stewart at the Bowl
  36. Went to Tournament of Kings with Eric
  37. Saw Gwen Stefani in Vegas with Brian
  38. Bought dryer hampsters
  39. Joined a meetup group, went to see the Bangles free show downtown
  40. Went to Del Mar opening day
  41. Saw Toad The Wet Sprocket at the Belly Up
  42. Saw Car Seat Headrest at the Wiltern
  43. Saw Ellen Degeneres warmup show at Largo
  44. Went to Santa Monica Pier with Colby
  45. Took over 310-CUT-FOOT for a while
  46. Went to Universal with Pablo and Dylan
  47. Saw Roger Hodgson at some county fair
  48. Saw Lulu Lewis at Hotel Cafe
  49. Went to that terrible 80’s show with Blondie headlining
  50. Went to Sparrow Mart exhibit
  51. Went to Disneyland auction
  52. Saw Courtney Barnett at Grammy Museum
  53. Saw ELO at the fourm, twice.
  54. Went to Walt Disney’s barn
  55. Went to Chinese food in Monterey Park with Charlsey
  56. Went to premiere of MIA doc
  57. Helped Charlsey move (again)
  58. Went to Henson exhibit, got selfie with Grover
  59. Saw Erasure at Wiltern
  60. Went mallwalking with Kim
  61. Went to Bar Latino with Grace
  62. Saw Charlsey play at Hotel Cafe
  63. Saw George Clinton at the NOVO
  64. Saw Los Angeles Plays Itself at the Aero (again)
  65. Saw KC and the Sunshine Band at another county fair
  66. Signed up for Steereo
  67. Saw PHOENIX 5x in small clubs
  68. Went to Lemonade with Austin
  69. Saw Dave Matthews Band at the Bowl
  70. Saw Liz Phair with Megan
  71. Saw Soapdish screening with Austin
  72. Recorded Drankin song with Geza
  73. Saw that terrible Dire Straits without Mark Knopfler show
  74. TEXAS STATE FAIR with Alex, Dawn, Mark
  75. Saw Katy Perry at the Bowl
  76. Saw The Jicks / Courtney Barnett at the Greek
  77. Saw Linda Rondstadt speaking tour thing
  78. Went to that coffee shop from “Larry Crowne”
  79. Saw Def Leppard / Journey at the Forum
  80. Rented theater for the Fringe
  81. Saw Lindsey Buckingham at the Orpheum
  82. Saw Lykke Li at Wiltern
  83. Walked up to the Hollywood sign with Chuck
  84. Saw the Islanders beat the Kings
  85. Saw Drake at the Forum (had nachos)
  86. Saw Diana Ross at the Bowl
  87. Went to Tokyo Hamburg with Grace
  88. Went to Universal with Kim and her mom
  89. Walked out of Bruno Mars at Staples
  90. Found real chicken parm spot in LA
  91. Went to the Disneyland of Cuban buffets with Megan
  92. Took Megan to her first Five Below
  93. Got my photo in front of the “Elegantly Wasted” building
  94. Finally got an original SK “Wowee Zowee” painting
  95. Went to the Pacific Dining Car
  96. Saw Poppy at the Wiltern
  97. Went to the Franchise Expo
  98. Went to that tea shop with Eric
  99. Saw “Head” at the Egyptian with Eric
  100. Went to that art thing in container park with Megan
  101. Went to LA Opera for Philip Glass opera
  102. Went to Letters to Cleo at the Hi Hat, sat on pool table
  103. Saw Paula Abdul in Vegas
  104. Finally ate at Blondies in Vegas
  105. Saw Cat Power at the Ace
  106. Thanksgiving at the House of Prince
  107. Went to the spaghetti place with Charlsey
  108. Lunch at The Ivy with Kim
  109. Saw Boygenius at the Wiltern
  110. Saw “Come From Away”
  111. Walked out of that “So You Think You Can Dance” thing
  112. Saw Echo and The Bunnymen play in a church
  113. Saw Lou Barlow at Muse
  114. Saw Neko Case at the Orpheum
  115. Saw Jesus and Mary Chain at Palladium
  116. Saw Stevie Wonder at Staples
  117. Saw “Wicked” with Kim
  118. Had fucked up growth on back, had surgery
  119. Wrote fringe festival show
  120. Saw Travis Scott at Forum
  121. Saw Cults and Guards at Echo
  122. Went to Vegas for Christmas.. Christmas eve with Eric, Christmas Day with Matt and Jo
  123. Dinner with Robbie Fields in Vegas
  124. NYE at Muse
  125. Bought ticket to go to Paris
  126. Saw Jeff Tweedy at Largo
  127. Got into the T shirt business
  128. Went on the TMZ tour
  129. Went to David Bowie night at LA Philharmonic
  130. Charlsey took me to Fuddrucker’s for my birthday
  131. Went to Hawaii
  132. Saw Elton John at Staples with Charlsey
  133. Saw Snail Mail at Novo
  134. Went to Mitsuya with Jon Measures
  135. Tried Cherimoya
  136. Went to Costco with Annitsa
  137. Went to Delicious Pizza with Charlsey
  138. Went back to open mic, swore I was never going again.
  139. Saw “Hello Dolly” with Betty Buckley at Pantages
  140. Walked out of Camila Cabello at Orpheum
  141. Went to Universal with Annitsa
  142. Saw P!NK at the Palladium
  143. Saw King Princess at the Fonda
  144. Saw Panic at the Disco! At the Forum
  145. Saw KISS at Forum, Clay took me in the tent, Kay bought me a cheeseburger
  146. Had Little Caesars Pizza for the first time ever
  147. Saw Bob Seger at the Forum
  148. Lost my business
  149. Had a four hour panic attack and wanted to kill myself
  150. Started a new business
  151. Saw “CATS” at the Pantages 1 and a half times (had a migraine)
  152. Saw Morris Day and The Time at the Microsoft Theater
  153. Saw Stevie Wonder at the Microsoft Theater
  154. Saw double feature of roller skating movies at New Bev
  155. Did a couple of the secret staircase walks with Chuck
  156. Wrote a bunch of songs like “If the lovin’ was good” and “first next” and “los angeles sucks and i want to die”
  157. Saw that bad production of “Little Shop of Horrors”
  158. Went to the ASD show with ERIC
  159. Met Snoop Dogg
  160. Went to Virgil’s BBQ with Matt
  161. Saw Jess Glynne at Wiltern
  162. Saw Maren Morris at WIltern
  163. Started riding scooters everywhere
  164. Started an Instagram account for real
  165. Saw Caetano Velso at the Ace
  166. Went to King Taco #1
  167. Saw “Pretty Little Things” at Pasadena Playhouse
  168. Learned how to say water in Korean
  169. Went to the Brentwood Marketplace
  170. Went to the LA ART BOOK FAIR with Megan
  171. Launched “SAM POCKER LOVES YOU” campaign
  172. Saw Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie at New Bev
  173. Interviewed for podcast
  174. Interviewed by LA TImes for Chuck
  175. WFMU Record fair


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