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New Song : If The Lovin' Was Good

You can hear it here..

I wrote it a few weeks ago, and don't ask me how I even came up with it because I can't really remember other than I was standing in the kitchen and probably obsessing over someone I don't even know on Instagram again.. Then it was like two lines of the chorus in my head, run to the desk, and I wrote it in 2 minutes.

After that I put up a demo on soundcloud and tried to record it myself but the results were truly awful. I walked away from it for a few days until my friend Darcy said he really loved it and offered to work on it. So he did, he did everything on this one. I suggested adding a banjo and he hired someone on Fiverr to play banjo.

I heard his version and I recorded three vocal takes and a background vocal and sent them to Paul to mix. Something was wrong with his mix but I couldn't really place it. He had a bunch of (good) suggestions that involved money and time, two things I didn't feel like investing into this project.

Jokingly I said "maybe let's add the sound of a tractor" because it's a country song. So I did. I found a recording of a tractor engine and I added it really low and it sounded perfect. We are done with this one.

"If The Lovin' Was Good" by Sam Pocker
Produced by Darcy Boynton and Paul Kostabi


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