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Sam Pocker at the WFMU Record Fair 2019

I'll be setting up shop at the WFMU Record Fair in Greenpoint at the Brooklyn Expo Center on April 26th to 28th.

I'll be selling these amazing one-of-a-kind handmade, numbered, limited edition (10 of each title) 7" records:

Along with some record fair exclusive t-shirts:

There will also be handmade copies of my book "How I Made Seven Albums in Eleven Months" with never-before-seen photographs and I will have some digital box sets housed in framed photos by Brooklyn based photographer Adalena Kavanagh.

I hope you'll stop by, take some selfies, and buy some stuff. Looking forward to seeing you there!

New Song : If The Lovin' Was Good

You can hear it here..

I wrote it a few weeks ago, and don't ask me how I even came up with it because I can't really remember other than I was standing in the kitchen and probably obsessing over someone I don't even know on Instagram again.. Then it was like two lines of the chorus in my head, run to the desk, and I wrote it in 2 minutes.

After that I put up a demo on soundcloud and tried to record it myself but the results were truly awful. I walked away from it for a few days until my friend Darcy said he really loved it and offered to work on it. So he did, he did everything on this one. I suggested adding a banjo and he hired someone on Fiverr to play banjo.

I heard his version and I recorded three vocal takes and a background vocal and sent them to Paul to mix. Something was wrong with his mix but I couldn't really place it. He had a bunch of (good) suggestions that involved money and time, two things I didn't feel like investing into this project.

Jokingly I …


Every year on this day I listen to this album...

It's one of my favorite records of all-time, and I've been listening to it on March 1st for as long as I can remember.

March is a complicated month for me. It feels lucky (because 3 is a lucky number), but it rarely is. My tragically awful bar mitzvah was in March, barely a year after this album was released, and I've never thought about it before but was mindlessly three months after my actual birthday.

My first concert as a headlining musician was in March.

My first book was released in March.

The first concert I ever went to in Paris (David Byrne) was in March.

The first time I ever set foot inside the Ed Sullivan Theater was in March.

The first time I was ever a guest on a radio show was in March.

Probably a bunch of other milestone kind of things like that happened in March, I just don't have photos of them to remind myself.

Like my wedding was in March but now that I'm divorced I'm not sure it fits in that …