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New Song "Los Angeles Sucks And I Want To Die"

I don't know that I've yet to be as proud of a song that I've written than I am of this one.

It's the second one in a row I've written with no drums. Maybe I'm writing showtunes, I don't know.

It was inspired by an Instagram crush who completely ignores my comments on her posts. That was probably what the last one was about too, I can't remember. There's probably a lot of those in my repertoire.


Seems like it's either the kitchen window or the shower where I get these great titles, but the title just came to me as I was standing there looking out the window. As usual I burst out laughing a little too hard at the idea, then sat at the desk, found the right mood, and the lyrics just poured out of me in about two minutes.

I recorded a rough demo with my phone but the truth is my hands are still not great at playing certain chords and I can't really play this song. Impulsively I posted it online and half expected to regret it in the mor…

New Song - "First Next"

I wrote this on a napkin in a casino lounge in Las Vegas back in November.

Then I went back to my hotel room and fleshed it out with the travel guitar.

Then I drove around on Facebook live and sang harmonies over it for a while.

...and then it sat.. and sat.. and sat...

I hired two different producers to work on it and it was coming out all wrong.

Every which way I tried to produce it was a mess.

This thing happens where producers hear my voice and they want it low and slow. Always slowing down the tempo, it must be a sad song with that deep voice. I'm like, "no, this is practically a showtune that should be upbeat!" so they speed up the tempo and it still sounds bad. It's frustrating.

I saw an interview with musical prodigy Lindsey Jordan (aka Snail Mail) the other day where she talked about a trick she pulled on one of her songs to keep it sounding more interesting.

So last night I opened a new Garageband window and thought I would try again, but it still sucked.


The month I was happy.

So there's this month.. Well in my head it was a month but it turns out it was barely three weeks. August of 2012, I had money, all the bills were paid, everything was sort of working out OK. We had been looking to move into the city from Queens and after what seemed like months of looking we found a situation that worked. We (I) had spent over 10 grand to make it happen. Up until this point it was my life-long dream to move back to the Upper East Side where I'd lived until I was seven.

Being ripped out of the city and put in the suburbs was hugely traumatic for me and this finally felt like I was making everything right again. I felt whole. I was married, I had income, my health was OK, and I was moving back to where I wanted to be.

I was at the top of the Manslow pyramid.

Ever since my divorce I've mostly been a bit of a complaining mess, constantly feeling lost or without a narrative. My thoughts every day are stereotypes. "Nobody will ever love me", "My…