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Songwriting 101 : How To Write Your First Song

I made my first YouTube tutorial and it's all about how to write your first song. It's meant for people with no prior knowledge or musical skills to get started. Hope it helps some of you get inspired to try songwriting!

Romantic Vacations Alone

I'm writing this from the balcony of a decently-fancy hotel room overlooking the Pacific ocean somewhere in Hawaii. It's about as romantic of a vacation destination as I can think of. Yes, I could think of others (like the house on the secluded beach I spent most of the last week in) but it's all kind of the same. These are places where there's not much to do other than watch the sunset, swim in the ocean, cuddle by a fireplace, have a two hour candlelit dinner, etc.

I don't really vacation much. If I think about it, maybe the last vacation I took was about 12 years ago when I went on a cruise. It was a gift from my ex-wife who felt we should go on a cruise. It didn't go well. I'm not a vacation person. I like travel and exploration, but vacations are really something for people with day jobs to get their minds off of their day jobs. I'm more of a career person and so my career never quits. Even if I'm not physically working, mentally I am working p…

I went on the TMZ Tour

A few months ago a friend had made a joke about the TMZ Tour, a bus tour in Hollywood that has something to do with a television show about celebrities. I've never watched it so I don't really know, but the general idea is I guess they show you celebrities in situations that are out of context for the glamorous lives that they portray on screen.

I'd considered going on it at that time but it was fairly expensive. Back in December there had been an Expedia deal which allowed me to get $30 off the tour and I went for it.

After some delays I finally went on the tour today. Until about an hour before I left I didn't even know what the tour was. The FAQ suggests that they will show you [where celebrities eat, shop, live, and have fun] around Los Angeles. They suggest that perhaps you might see a celebrity while on the tour but they don't guarantee it.

As the copy suggests that celebrities are more akin to animals in a zoo than people, I posted about it on Facebook and …

Sam Pocker's Greatest Hits album and new t-shirts

I've been working on getting the t-shirts of my album covers available online.. They've been in the ETSY store for a while, but they haven't been the easiest for people to find. Here are the first two:
You can purchase the "Lavatory" shirt here
You can purchase the "Pocker's Rockers" shirt here
Speaking of which, you'll notice the second shirt is for an album that hasn't been released yet. It's called "Pocker's Rockers" and it's a Greatest Hits compilation. Not bad for someone who couldn't play an instrument five years ago. 
I'm hoping for a release date in mid-April. The songs were produced by people such as Paul Kostabi (White Zombie), Geza X (Black Flag), Mark Nevers (Silver Jews), Michael Eisenstein (Letters to Cleo), and a bunch of others. Some of the talented people playing and singing on the record include Austin Riva, Justin Field, Tom Polce, and Kay Hanley. 
The tracklist for "Pocker's Rockers…