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Basic Production Elements

Today I started to deal with the limitations I have to work with. When I was going over the contract, I had promised the management of the theater that I would bring no more than one average-sized trunk worth of production and props.

There's not a lot going on in the world of rolling trunks these days. I even went as far as calling a local Army Navy store but they didn't bother to answer the phone. The outer dimensions are 32" x 17" x 13". There's notation of the internal dimensions, and the reviews state that the hinges are going to fall apart quickly and will require duct tape. Perfect for our purposes.

The biggest pieces we need to fit in here are:

3 Microphone StandsBackdrop StandLighting PoleMusic Stand Now I already have a collapsable music stand, I haven't measured the lighting pole, and I have one boom mic stand that probably won't fit in here.
I was able to find this generic mic stand setup
I'm presuming it's garbage because it's …

Running Order

I've started to lay out all the works and try to figure out the running order.

There's a lot of confusion if I want to start on a high note, slow it down, and then build it back up (which would be the normal order for a concert) or if I really want to screw around with that format and do an extended version of the show I did in Orange County last year. 

It's important to always have just the right amount of crazy running through every scene. When you drop out after the opening number, you lose that crazy. It works well in stadiums and maybe arenas but in a small theater I think it fails. You need that little degree of crazy in each piece so that the 98 percent of the audience who has no idea what they are watching feels that the promise of going to an "arts" event is seeing something they identify as "art" even if they don't understand it. Once they get bored for more than five seconds you lose the momentum and I think it's really hard to get that…

Concept art for the poster and the venue is booked

Josh, the artist I used for the previous poster concept is working on the new poster. He sent this idea first which is very true to the video clips of previous performances

But it doesn't scream "rock star" so much as it screams shlubby depressed guy trying to get his life back in order at an open mic night. So I thought about the title "How To Be A Rock Star" and google image searched "Rock Star". There were some stereotypes so I sent those to Josh along with a stock photo of one of the lighting rigs and he sent this back
Which is way more rock star than the first piece. 
I also met with the owner of the theater to go over some details. They decided to start taking reservations for the festival early. I'm the second contract they've signed and the first one in the space I'll be using. It was the first time I had to write a check for something that wasn't rent in years.