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Week 3 : Making The Show - Returning To The Stage

You will immediately notice that after spending so much time figuring out where to stand, I proceeded to walk on stage last night and stand in the completely wrong place. Now that we've researched the lighting it's almost comical.

I didn't know it until I watched the video this morning and realized that the only reason I had stood in this spot is that it was where the microphone stand had been located when I walked up on stage. Who placed it there? The sound engineer who was concerned with sound and nothing else.

One thing I'm really looking forward to at the Fringe is playing in a proper theater and not worrying about people coming and going with drinks and doing stuff like sitting in my seat and moving all my stuff. Open mic regulars are OK but it's the people who just show up without taking two seconds to read about appropriate behavior who are the worst.

Some notes here: I lost a piece of my music stand, if we're going to do this I should just go out and buy the best music stand with a good light on it. Currently I use the smallest collapsable one that fits in my bag, but for the actual show I should have the right gear.

Second, I can't find a comfortable position to use a microphone on a stand. I don't know why, I'm always leaning forward, backward, or some convoluted way. I'm not comfortable with this equipment and I need to fix that next.

I thought I had it together but I was so disorganized I even forgot a guitar pick.

Goal for next week : Get it together.


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