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Sam Pocker - Wikipedia

"Hey Sam,Despite having press links from high authority websites, the context of wiki page is not notable. You might get a Wikipedia page live for a day or two but when it goes through the sight of 'Wikipedia reviewers', they'll take it down." This was the email I received from a wikipedia editor who had offered to help me get a page. Why did I want a Wikipedia entry? I felt like it would be the easiest way for someone who had just discovered my work to see the multifaceted overarching body of work. Nobody really cares, but I had put in the effort into writing one anyway.

The editor didn't want to see the article or know anything about me, he just asked for some of the footnote links. I sent the first few that came to mind : The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Daily News, Washington Post, etc.. There are so many more that I didn't even bother to dig up after he shot down the idea.

I don't question his knowledge of the system, but it still feels bad. Like m…

My New Country Single "I Think I Liked You Better When You Drank"

I've written an article about the process of making the song and video, you can read it here.
You can check out the video and pre-order the song at the links below.
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"I Think I Liked You Better When You Drank" Produced by Sam Pocker & Geza X
Mixed by Mark Nevers Mastered by Kramer
Special thanks to Laura Cantrell & Paul Kostabi
To be released on November 2, 2018
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Week 2 : Making the Show - The Process of Creating a Show for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019 - The Lights

The stage at the Pig N Whistle has three LED fake PAR lights and a disco ball with a spotlight (that has a red filter and very low wattage). Other than that there are a few rows of house lighting on a variety of dimmers behind the bar.

In the past when I've shot video on this stage the pars have effectively destroyed the performance, focusing entirely on my mid-section and in one case washing out an illuminated costume.

I wanted to take some time at this week's open mic to explore where the lights are focused, if we have any flexibility with their levels, and where the optimal location on the stage would be for the performers.

This wide-angle shot that I took this evening is somewhat deceptive as compared to the close up of my performance from a few months ago. Had the lights been adjusted in some way?
Also note the entrance on stage left. Mike (the event promoter) sits at the table and collects door money here. He insists on having his workspace fully illuminated. So if we cu…

Making the Show - The Process of Creating a Show for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2019

I'd been trying for some time to put together an opera called "The Holy Trinity" which took place the night Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears went joyriding together about ten years ago. I had written a treatment, sketched out some ideas, and even had a poster made. Then I kept looking at how to produce it and there was simply no way it wasn't going to lose money.

During the discovery process for that project I learned about the Hollywood Fringe Festival which seemed to be the least expensive way to present the work. I looked at some theaters and when I called the one that seemed to be the best fit I was asked what my show was about. "Oh, we had a show just like that last year," was the immediate reply.

After doing some research I saw there was a show with a similar theme that was nothing at all like what I was working on. Regardless, I knew that popular opinion would simply be that my show was a copy of that show and it would cause the show t…