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This Year So Far

Visited the Museum of Failure
Played at Kulak’s Woodshed
Saw K-Flay at the Fonda
Went to Moster Trucks at Angel Stadium
Helped Charlsey sell her car
Took Alex to the Comedy Store
Went to a Kings game
Took Alex to King’s Hawaiian
Saw Guards at the Echo
Went to the Old Spaghetti Factory with Charlsey
Recorded a pilot episode of podcast with Nick
Became a Disneyland Annual Passholder for the first time in my life
Shot the video for “Eye Contact”
Helped Gadi shoot his video
Saw Mummenchanz in Long Beach
Had a cronut when there was no line
Saw Dua Lipa at the Palladium
Went to the Sagus Cafe
Saw Cheech and Chong in Santa Clarita
Learned how to make pickles
Saw Poppy at the Hard Rock in Vegas
Saw Lana Del Ray at Mandalay Bay
Saw Donnie and Marie with Eric and then attended my first meet & greet 
Had my first ever band t-shirts made for The Pregnant Vegans
Saw Veruca Salt for the second time ever
Went to Monterey Park for the first time, had good Chinese food
Went to the other Astroburger for the first time
Saw Bananarama reunion tour (the most fun show I’ve ever seen in my life)
Recorded the Pregnant Vegans album with Geza X
Bought a selfie stick
Went to Honey Pig with Justin
Went to Father’s Office, had the burger
Went on a model train ride with Thunderdome people
Went to Worldwide Tacos, Randy’s Donuts, and Mount Baldy Lodge with Paul
Hired the People Walker, took walks with everyone they employ
Took an online astrology class taught by Serina
Went to Cilantro, the five star Mexican restaurant in a gas station with Michael
Saw Charlii XCX (and Tove Lo) with Austin
Bought a Casio SK-1 for myself, learned how to use it
Tried McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce
Played a really long show at that club in Orange County that No Doubt used to play at
Got ribs at Handy Market on a Saturday Morning
Saw a jaw-dropping budget production of “Into The Woods” at the Cupcake Theater
Recorded the Juliana covers album
Saw an amazing Morris Day & The Time show in Beverly Hills
Finally went to Pasta Sisters for lunch
Took my second trip to the Chinese Theater for “Ready Player One”
Attended “Just Dance Live” with Kim, Brady, and Kyle
Imported the new Blu Ray of “Electric Dreams” and watched it religiously
Saw “Sons of the Desert” at the Egyptian
Took the Angel’s Flight downtown now that it’s open again
Visited my parents in Florida
Made the video for “Universal Heartbeat”
Went to the Rainbow with Paul
Went to the Taco Bell Cantina with Eric
Saw Psychotica in Vegas
Took Darcy to see the Bonnie and Clyde car in Primm
Went to the Santa Monica Pier with Kristi
Went on the Paramount Studios tour with Eric
Finally saw “Love Never Dies” at the Pantages
Rode the slide at OUE Skyspace
Went to the Cheech and Chong exhibit at the Grammy Museum
Saw Neil Young and Patti Smith play with the Hearbreakers at the Dolby Theater
Went to the Mark Kostabi event at the Estonian House
Got dragged up on stage to talk about Estonia at the Mark Kostabi event at the Estonian House
Drove through Whittier with Paul, ended up at the record store that A2G used to shop at
Went to the Getty Pavilion with Paul 
Saw Lisa Loeb in concert for the first time with Austin in Hermosa Beach
Saw Cheech and Chong at the Roxy
Watched Sally Struthers sing Happy Birthday to Austin at his party
Went to the Kentucky Derby
Saw David Byrne at the Ryman
Took a selfie in the alleyway between the Ryman stage door and Tootsie’s
Had a real chicken parm for the first time in five years at Alex’s house
Went to see my grandparent’s graves for the first time
Went back and saw my childhood home and my grandparent’s house for the first time in about a decade
Stopped in to the Scarsdale Pastry Center
Saw Emily’s new office
Went to Main Street Beat with Paul
Had tea with Chris at the Food Emporium on 8th
Had a Jackson Hole burger for the first time in five years 
Saw U2 at the Forum two nights in a row, got paid for writing about it
Saw Taylor Swift at the Rose Bowl with Kim, got paid for writing about it
Went to an American Idol taping with Michele
Saw Billy Joel at MSG with Brian, only the 2nd time I’ve been to MSG in 5 years
Finally went to the restaurant under the Park Avenue tunnel with Ellen
Took the SI Ferry and Roosevelt Island Tram with Brian
Went to Wo-Hop with Emily
Went to the CBGB in Newark Airport
Took Austin to Philippe’s (He’d never been before)
Saw Parliament Funkadelic at the Greek
Axl rolls around on a rare Mark Kostabi painting that Paul left on the floor
Walked out of Liz Phair at Hollywood Forever shocked at how bad it was
Paul and I go to see FLIPPY, a hamburger-making robot in Pasadena
Went to SIZZLER for the first time in L.A. (Got very sick afterward)
Justine and Austin come over and take photos of me for online dating
Take a guitar class in Burbank
Went to Wah’s Golden Hen, a Chinese restaurant I’d read about but never gone to
Saw an amazing Yo La Tengo show at the Teragram (wonder who all the other people there are and why I don’t know them)
Finally went to the Cinerama dome, saw a 70mm print of “2001”
Played at Kulak’s again with The Agoura Hills PTA this time 
Discover ZIMA is back, go to store and buy a six pack
Finally saw KT Tunstall open for Barenaked Ladies
Finally saw Diana Ross at the Hollywood Bowl
On my third trip to Mexico I finally have Mexican food
Went to advance screening of “Jurassic World 2” 
Finally went to that mall in Glendale that’s just like the Grove but bigger
Saw an amazing Rod Stewart show at the Hollywood Bowl with Dan
Got my teeth cleaned
Become addicted to La Croix
Finally went to the Tournament of Kings with Eric
Matt and I go people watching at the Metro PCS store
Saw an amazing Gwen Stefani show with Brian
Finally had the Wynn buffet, three days in a row with Brian
Inexplicably for comedic value learn how to tie a bandana around my head
Get plastic hedgehogs for my dryer, name them Bianca and Blaquito
Saw the Pope movie, the Mr Rogers movie, and the triplets movie. I am the only person in theater for all three.
Teach Austin how an air filter works in an air conditioner. 
Get the PV t-shirts placed at a punk rock record store, get denied by Amoeba
Took a LIME scooter to a screening of “Gleaming The Cube”, have an anxiety attack and leave ½ way.
Attended a meetup group in LA for the first time, went well, never spoke to anyone from it again
Had asada fries for the first time in a parking lot across from the Bruce Willis roast
Finally saw Best Coast, had mixed feelings
Went to an Iraqi restaurant that just opened
Imported a case of La Croix COLA
Went to the opening day of Del Mar racecourse
Saw Toad the Wet Sprocket at my first trip to the Belly Up
Saw an amazing Car Seat Headrest show at the Wiltern
Saw Ellen Degeneres do a warmup show at Largo
Waited in a long line for Pink’s Hot Dogs and discovered why it’s so great
Went to the Santa Monica Pier with Colby, David, and their kids and their kids’ friends.
Went to that taco stand on Western and Santa Monica
Had the best time with Pablo, Dylan, and Harper at Universal Studios, the Grove, Hotel Cafe, and Pink Taco. 
Saw Roger Hodgson 3rd row center at the Orange County Fair
Went to Portillos in Anaheim with Charlsey
Bought a weighted blanket
Hired a professional cuddler
Went to Philips BBQ
Went to Eataly, ended up having lunch with a complete stranger from New Jersey
Went to the Amazon Book Store
Went to Sparrow Mart
Went to the night market at Yamashiro
Went to the opening day of “It Came From Disneyland”, no lines and no crowds
FINALLY saw Courtney Barnett at the Grammy Museum
Finally tried Smashburger
Saw ELO twice at the Forum, tenth row
Visited Walt Disney’s barn
Tried WHICH WICH for the first time
Saw Neil Finn at Largo
Went to Monterey Park with Charlsey
Helped Charlsey move again
Went to advance screening of the MIA doc
Went to Delicious Pizza
Went to Aladdin Coffee Shop
Went to Skirball Center for the Henson exhibit
Saw Erasure at the Wiltern
Went to the Topanga mall with Kim
Went to eLoong Dumplings with the House of Prince


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