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This Year So Far

Visited the Museum of Failure Played at Kulak’s Woodshed Saw K-Flay at the Fonda Went to Moster Trucks at Angel Stadium Helped Charlsey sell her car Took Alex to the Comedy Store Went to a Kings game Took Alex to King’s Hawaiian Saw Guards at the Echo Went to the Old Spaghetti Factory with Charlsey Recorded a pilot episode of podcast with Nick Became a Disneyland Annual Passholder for the first time in my life Shot the video for “Eye Contact” Helped Gadi shoot his video Saw Mummenchanz in Long Beach Had a cronut when there was no line Saw Dua Lipa at the Palladium Went to the Sagus Cafe Saw Cheech and Chong in Santa Clarita Learned how to make pickles Saw Poppy at the Hard Rock in Vegas Saw Lana Del Ray at Mandalay Bay Saw Donnie and Marie with Eric and then attended my first meet & greet  Had my first ever band t-shirts made for The Pregnant Vegans Saw Veruca Salt for the second time ever Went to Monterey Park for the first time, had good Chinese food Went to the other Astroburger for the first time Saw Ba…


A few weeks ago I took over the responsibilities of running (310) CUT-FOOT, a local hotline which has been running since at least the 1980's. (You can read some more about it here). I've been calling it regularly for about two years at the insistence of my friend Paul who is one of it's most vocal supporters.

The format basically revolves around a character who pretends to be so entrenched in a certain milieu of cultural events that they assume you understand all of the shorthanded codewords which they are presenting in under two minutes. It's the sort of scene that exists in all major cities, it revolves around cultural inbreeding and nothing from any of these scenes ever goes anywhere.

Some examples might be the punk band that sucks performing at the restaurant that's terrible, down the street from the University where the clientele will change every four years, or the art show in the gallery that's nothing more than a stockroom in the back of a shoe store.