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Recent Discography

Here's a list of all the records that I released in the last twelve months...

Sam Pocker & The Pretty Colors
"Weekends With You" (feat. Kay Hanley, Michael Eisenstein, Tom Polce)
"Eye Contact" (feat. Kay Hanley, Michael Eisenstein, Tom Polce)

Sam Pocker & The Agoura Hills PTA
"Melrose Meltdown"
"Pretty Perfect"

The Pregnant Vegans
"The Pregnant Vegans" (produced by Paul Kostabi & Geza X)

The Sam Pocker Ensemble
"Postmodern Opera"

Sam Pocker
"Sam Pocker Sings Juliana Hatfield"
"Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" (acoustic cover of the entire album by Pavement)
"Thirst Trap"
"I Am The Cat" (cover of a song by Mark Kostabi)

There are also some assorted videos such as:

a live cover of the song "Nobody Cares" by Superorganism.
the record release party for "Lavatory" which took place in my bathroom
the music video for "Universal Heartbeat&…