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A selection of films from Francois Truffaut "Les Films De Ma Vie" for English speakers.

I wanted to share this spreadsheet I made recently.

As I was cleaning out a closet and found lots of my old notes for abandoned projects I found a list of the films that were screened at a Truffaut retrospective in France a couple of years ago. All of the films were from the compilation book he did about the films that influenced him the most.

Luckily a good number of them are readily available in the States from Criterion in one form or another, the only one that will be a real challenge to find is "The White Gloves of the Devil" which appears to have had one VHS release in France and has since disappeared, but maybe someone out there knows of another edition?

Hope this helps anyone studying Truffaut..

My Life To LiveJean Luc Goddard1962Criterion
The VirginsJean Pierre Mocky1962French DVD
The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la CruzLuis Buñuel1962French DVD
The HoleJacques Becker1960VOD
Four Bags FullClaude
Testament of OrpheusJean Cocteau1962French DVD
The Seven Year ItchBilly Wilder1955VOD
A King In New YorkChaplin1957YouTube
La Pointe CourteAgnes Varda1955Criterion
OrdetCarl Theodor Dreyer1957Criterion
Nights Of CabiriaFellini1957VOD
Germany Year ZeroRoberto Rossellini1949Criterion
Mon OncleJacques Tati1958Criterion
Lola MontesMax Ophuls1955Criterion
Johnny GuitarNicholas Ray1954VOD
Gentlemen Prefer BlondesHoward Hawkes1953VOD
Trouble in ParadiseErnst Lubitsch1932Criterion
The White Gloves of the Devil László Szabó1973French VHS
Rear WindowHitchcock1954VOD
It Should Happen To YouGeorge Cukor1954VOD
Kiss Me DeadlyRobert Aldrich1955MGM DVD
Written on the WindDouglas Sirk1956Criterion
Mr. ArkadinOrson Welles1955Amazon Prime
Touched In The HeadJacques Doillon1974French DVD
Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne Robert Bresson1945Criterion
Cries and WhispersIngmar Bergman1972Amazon Prime
Men in WarAnthony Mann1957US DVD
The Barefoot ContessaJoseph L. Mankiewicz1954VOD
The Golden CoachJean Renoir1954Criterion
Bonjour TristesseOtto Preminger1958Amazon Prime
Zero for ConductJean Vigo1933YouTube
Blinkity BlankNorman McLaren1955YouTube
Le Beau SergeClaude Chabrol1959Criterion
The Naked DawnEdgar G Ulmer1955YouTube
Adieu PhilippineJacques Rozier1962French DVD


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