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A selection of films from Francois Truffaut "Les Films De Ma Vie" for English speakers.

I wanted to share this spreadsheet I made recently.

As I was cleaning out a closet and found lots of my old notes for abandoned projects I found a list of the films that were screened at a Truffaut retrospective in France a couple of years ago. All of the films were from the compilation book he did about the films that influenced him the most.

Luckily a good number of them are readily available in the States from Criterion in one form or another, the only one that will be a real challenge to find is "The White Gloves of the Devil" which appears to have had one VHS release in France and has since disappeared, but maybe someone out there knows of another edition?

Hope this helps anyone studying Truffaut..

My Life To LiveJean Luc Goddard1962CriterionThe VirginsJean Pierre Mocky1962French DVDThe Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la CruzLuis Buñuel1962French DVDThe HoleJacques Becker1960VODFour Bags FullClaude Autant-Lara1957moviedetective.netTestament of OrpheusJean Cocteau1962Frenc…