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Sam Pocker Sings Juliana Hatfield

My new EP "Sam Pocker Sings Juliana Hatfield" will be released on or before April 13th, 2018. This started as a "wouldn't it be funny if" kind of thing that spiraled out of control and got very meta very quickly. Just about everything that could go wrong in the process of making it did. It cost a lot more to make than I had anticipated or budgeted for, and it took a lot longer to make than it should have. I wasn't even remotely being a perfectionist with it.

The worst thing about it is now that I'm sitting here writing this post I realize that I've totally screwed up and should have called it "Sam Pocker Sings Juliana Hatfield Singing Olivia Newton-John" and there should be all three of us on the cover. Fine line between clever and stupid I suppose.

You can pre-order it here. It costs $4.99 and I will donate $1 from each copy to the Olivia Newton-John Centre which does cancer research. I think Olivia Newton-John and I lived in the same ne…